Welcome to Whirlwind Publishing Company.   A small family owned publishing company that was started due to a book written by the owners, Dave and Kellie Grill and their co-author, Doug Binder.

The first book published, "Send Me a Sign" was the recollection of the lives of an Oregon couple and their three children who suffer the loss of their mother due to cancer,   While trying to heal in the grieving process they meet someone that came into their lives and inspired the family to grow and move on into the future while preserving their family's memories of their times and life with their mother.

The book has had a tremendous response from its readers as the book has been featured on many local TV shows, newspapers, and events and expos.  A portion of the proceeds from the book go to the breast cancer research.

Dave and Kellie Poulsen-Grill

How to Achieve Greatness after the Loss of a Loved One.

Kellie Poulsen-Grill, a talented motivational speaker has promoted the book and encouraged many of those suffering from loss, grief and depression.  She speaks with a focus on love, loss, life, parenting, and also other areas to her credit, songwriting and publishing.



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